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Welcome to KCL plumbing and heating Dublin

Emergency Plumber Dublin – Tallaght / Clondalkin / Crumlin

Finding an Emergency Plumber or Heating contractor quickly in your local area- Tallaght / Clondalkin / Crumlin  could be the difference between you having a relatively small leak or having a major emergency plumbing problem. You absolutely need a reliable plumbing service provider who has your very best interests in mind.
Make no mistake, this is a business and we are based locally in Tallaght ensuring we can get there quicker.

Heating Repair Services Dublin- Tallaght / Clondalkin / Crumlin

Whether you need a new boiler, or just want your existing system checked over, we can ensure you have a heating system that will work efficiently for you when you need it.
We provide a complete heating service to attend to all your individual requirements in the Tallaght region. We are involved in the installation, maintenance and repair of central heating in both the domestic and commercial markets. Our maintenance and repair work include routine servicing and emergency repairs, involving finding faults, replacing or repairing damaged parts, carrying out tests and ensuring that the system works properly.